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2ND Annual HollaBack STL Summer Academy

Diving into Learning: A Week at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

For a full week, students immersed themselves in knowledge and experiences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The Curve The Urge II program took center stage, addressing critical issues that resonate with today's teenagers. From fostering and nurturing healthy relationships to devising strategies for success, the academy touched on various aspects that contribute to holistic growth. The spotlight also shone on dating violence prevention, equipping young minds with essential tools to recognize and combat such challenges.

The Y-Chat Now program added to the experience, delving into pertinent topics like Substance Use and HIV Prevention, Healthy Lifestyle Promotion, and Lifeskills Training. This comprehensive approach aimed not only to educate but to empower, preparing participants to make informed decisions and lead balanced lives.

A Fusion of Learning, Fun, and Exploration

HollaBack STL's Curve The Urge II and Y-Chat Now Summer Academy was not only a hub of learning but also a vibrant playground for exploration and personal development. The agenda was carefully crafted to include a diverse range of activities, ensuring that students not only expanded their knowledge but also broadened their horizons.

Discovering UMSL: Campus Tour and Beyond

The journey began with an exciting UMSL campus tour that set the tone for the entire program. Students embarked on a captivating scavenger hunt, winding through the campus's nooks and crannies, discovering various offices, resources, and landmarks.

Empowering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs and Leaders: Entrepreneur and Career Day

Entrepreneur and Career Day emerged as a highlight of the Summer Academy, dedicated to sparking innovation, leadership, and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the participants. Guided by mentors, industry experts, and professionals from various fields, students were introduced to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and career possibilities. They brainstormed ideas, formulated business plans, explored different professions, and experienced firsthand the thrill of turning a concept into a tangible venture. Entrepreneur and Career Day were more than just snapshots of potential paths – they were exercises in creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and adaptability, skills that transcend industries and are invaluable in every facet of life.

In the end, the academy wasn't just a summer program – it was a transformative experience that ignited a spark of curiosity, awareness, and growth.HollaBack STL's commitment to shaping the future through education, empowerment, and engagement was evident in every moment spent on campus.

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